The Bedford CF Org Club ('the Club') collects personal data through subscribing membership application forms. All personally identifiable information provided to the Club is processed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

It is the Club policy to only disclose information to third parties if explicitly required to do so by United Kingdom Law. Otherwise the Club will obtain your consent before passing on any information to any third parties.

The Club does not collect or compile personally identifying information for dissemination or sale to external parties for marketing purposes or host mailings on behalf of third parties.

Records held by the Club will only be made visible to active administrators of the Club with a need for that information. The Membership Secretary is the sole member with full access to membership records. All other access within the club is limited to membership number, username and active status only.

All personal data held by the club and allowed on the forum by each Member via their User Control Panel is destroyed when their account expires or is deleted for any other reason. Current Members wishing to obtain access to their data held by the club (subject access) should contact the Membership Secretary via the forum.